December 13th, 2014


Making Headway

There is the attic, of course. It runs the length of the house and much of it is boarded out. We put a lot of my mother's stuff up there in the days before we became ruthless- stuff we should have burned or tipped- and which I intend to burn or tip now. There's plenty of space up there and we can make more.

It should be possible to move all our things- apart from a few larger pieces of furniture- into the house. We're making headway.

Not All Bad.

It's a wretched situation but I found it heartening that the panellists on Question Time today- from Ken Livingstone on the left to Jacob Rees-Mogg on the right- were unanimous in condemning the CIA's use of torture and in calling for the redacted material in the Senate report to be restored and any British person who is implicated- from political bosses to MI6 operatives- to be named and prosecuted.