December 5th, 2014


Cup Of Brown Joy

Ailz throught she'd give up tea and drink hot water with lemon in it. Then she came down with a headache which lasted two days and then she broke her fast and had a cup of tea and the headache cleared immediately. She mentioned this to my sis and Jenny- who is very sparing with caffeinated drinks- said tea has more caffeine in it that most instant coffees. 

Two Old Devils, Sparring A Little

A little flicker of the old imperiousness.

"What's going on here? Why are all the lights on?"

"It's in case you need to go to the toilet."

"But I'm not going to the toilet, I'm going upstairs. Why are the kitchen lights on?"

"I've just come from in there."

It's nice to see. And it's a reminder of why I chose- as soon as I was old enough- to put 250 miles between myself and her. Notice I didn't back down.

We'd been watching a documentary about Herbert Von Karajan. Now there's a man who knew about being master of the house.