November 30th, 2014


A Vocabulary Malfunction

It happens all the time- people saying "ancestor" when they mean "descendant" and "descendant" when they mean "ancestor". And no-one ever picks them up on it.

If things carry on like this the two words are going to become interchangeable synonyms for "person in (my) family tree" and that would be a pity.

Parallel Worlds

If it's truly the case that every time we make a major life decision we generate a parallel universe in which the alternative choice is explored then there's going to be a reality (as real/unreal as this is) in which I'm still a clergyman and presently contemplating retirement.

Is that other self as satisfied with his mid-life decision as I am? Has he made a success of the career I abandoned? Is he married or single? Is he still grinding away at parish life or has he- as I thought of doing- moved into academe? Does he have an LJ?