November 5th, 2014


Did He Really Resign?

She gets fixated on particular headlines. This morning it's the final short paragraph in the Telegraph's editorial column-  a piece of heavy-handed Tory humour at the expense of the resigning Lib-Dem Minister Norman Baker who has an interest in UFOs and fronts a rock band.

"Did he really resign?" she asks.

I tell her all about it.

"Did he really resign?" she asks again.

I've lost count but I think we've now been through the cycle five or six times.

Sorry, since I started this post she's asked again so that makes it that six or seven.

I try to vary my answers. That way I preserve the sweetness of my temper. I haven't yet said how feeble the humour is or how evil the Tories are, but I'm sorely tempted.

Guy Fawkes Night

Half eight- and I've just realised I haven't heard any fireworks for a couple of hours- and then there was only the one. I know it's mid-week, but still...

I had my own bonfire a couple of days ago. The wood from the greenhouse was so saturated I hardly expected it to catch but there was a lot of plastic in there as well and- whoosh!