November 1st, 2014


The Establishment

So twice now Mrs May has appointed unsuitable people to head the enquiry into historic child abuse- and both have been forced to resign.

Both turned out to be closely associated- in the first instance by blood, in the second by friendship- with people whose behaviour  they would have had to investigate.

It's told us a lot about how we're governed.

It's shown us what a tightly-knit group our rulers are and how ferociously they network.  All those dinners! All that do-gooding! All those favours given and received! Everyone knows everybody else. Kick one of them (Leon Brittan, for instance) and they all limp.

How many times has Fiona Woolf sat down to a meal with the Brittans?  I think it was five times, but I'm not sure- and neither, on the evidence presented, is she.

My favourite bit was when Woolf- who happens to be the reigning Lord Mayor of London- denied being a member of the establishment.