October 30th, 2014


Boom And...?

We were drinking afternoon tea when there was a noise like an explosion. I did a tour of the house to see if anything had toppled over. Then Ailz had me check the car.

According to the authorities the cause was two RAF fighters breaking the sound barrier as they rushed to intercept a Latvian cargo plane that had wandered away from its flight path.

So the glow on the horizon- that looked like something big was on fire over Pembury way- was entirely unrelated.

Don't Tell Me There's No Evidence

One of the ploys of the UFO deniers is to say, "But there isn't any evidence".

Which suggests they haven't heard about the Internet- a little known and occult source of heterogenous information which is simply bursting with the stuff.

Please, Mr and Mrs UFO denier, you can argue that it's all fake but you can't say it doesn't exist because that insults my intelligence ( and, incidentally, suggests you haven't done any research whatsoever).

For example, here's an interview with a very old chap called Boyd Bushman- who was an engineer with a number of top aeorospace and weapons companies including Lockheed Martin. He also held a nifty number of US patents. Bushman was dying when he gave the interview and it's rambly and rather difficult to follow but what he's saying is that there are aliens coming and going at Area 51 and their technology is being reverse engineered there. In support of what he's saying he keeps waving photographs of UFOs and aliens at the camera.

So what do you say to that?

That the whole thing's a scam and Boyd Bushman never existed? Oh but he did. No doubt about it. Here's his obituary.

That he was perpetrating a hoax? Possible- but would a man with a reputation to trash really want to be doing that on his deathbed?

That he was the victim of a hoax himself? Well, again it's possible, that this wasn't some gullible hick. Count the patents.

And, well, I can't think of any other possibility but that he was telling the truth...