October 29th, 2014


Hiring And Firing

We sacked the care agency we'd been using and hired one of their workers to be my mother's dedicated carer. Ugliness ensued- as might well be imagined. I'm not going into details, but I believe we were fully justified. The agency was rubbish- both as a service provider and an employer.

Lady Of The Manor

On the day she hands in her notice Kirsty comes through the kitchen and greets me with, "Hello, Boss!" No-one's ever said that to me before- or, at least, not anybody who meant it.

Actually I'm not really her boss because she's going to be self-employed. Ailz will help her with the paperwork. There's a pleasing reciprocity about the arrangement. Kirsty says looking after my mother is her dream job and I think she means it.

There's a similar reciprocity about our relations with Matthew. He sees to my mother's garden; Ailz sees to his tax teturns. Money travels in both directions.

What do I contribute? I make everyone cups of tea. I'm the lady of the manor.

Matthew's outside now, dismantling the greenhouse. The wood is solid on one side and mush on the other." It's had a good innings" he says, He remembers it being blown across the garden in the great storm of whenever it was and my parents putting it back together again. No second chances this time.