October 19th, 2014


Less Is More

Ailz says the house looks better with less furniture in it and I agree. It's nice to be able to move across the living room without banging into things.


There were balloons behind the counter. "I want a balloon" said the kids. Christa got a red one and Fabrizio got a purple one. Fabrizio didn't want the purple one so the kindly, harrassed lady exchanged it for an orange one.

Halfway home a strong wind off the Mersey caught hold of Fabrizio's balloon and bounced it away down the street. A young man who looked as if he'd been sand-papered ran after it- even out into the road- and fetched it back.

Once we were home Fabrizio took charge of Christa's balloon and let all the air out . Then he blew it up again.