October 18th, 2014


Back Home (Only It Isn't Home Any More)

Last time we were up here it was comparatively easy. We knew what we wanted to keep and what we were happy to get rid of.  Now we have to make up our minds about everything else.

This morning I went through the CD collection. It turned out we wanted to keep most of it. I also went through a filing cabinet which had nothing in it of any value- sentimental or otherwise; the cabinet itself was one of the things we later took to the charity shop in Failsworth.

We had lunch in the Failsworth Tesco. I'm sticking to the resolution I made last time we were here that this is a holiday (however little it may feel like it) and I'm not cooking any meals.

This afternoon Ailz is spending with her mother. Dorothy expects it- and complains if she thinks she's being short-changed.