September 26th, 2014


Autumn Blues

We have two radiators on the blink. Darren came round and installed a new pump but it didn't make any difference. This one could run and run.

Jo is on duty and-  as always-  late.  My mother gets fractious and asks why she can't get herself up. The true answer would be "Because you're old and incompetent and we can't trust you to wash properly" so we say something evasive instead.

"We're all feeling grungey this morning," says Ailz . "Probably the change of season," I reply.

They Hold Human Life So Cheap

I don't know what's going on in The Middle East- and I don't believe anyone who hasn't been immersed in that culture knows either. Alliances are constantly shifting and double games are being played. Oil is a factor. And gas. And some thousand year old dispute about the minutiae of religious loyalty.  Dropping bombs on the confusion isn't going to solve a thing.

Still, Mr Cameron wants to get re-elected and thinks killing foreigners will stand him in good stead. Mr Miliband (who wants Mr Cameron's job) would like a few deaths on his conscience too. And the British public is easily persuaded. If either of these gentlemen were to walk down a British street and let loose with an AK47 the British public would be less impressed but, morally speaking, where's the difference?