September 10th, 2014



You can make a perfectly acceptable cup of tea using carbonated water out of a bottle. I know this because we got up this morning to find our water had been turned off at the mains and we were- effectively- living in the 18th century.  Ailz was saying I'd have to fetch water in from the water butts to flush the loos.

Of all the conveniences the modern world affords- and we normally take for granted- mains water has to be the greatest.

P.S. It's back on now.

P.P.S. Matthew says the Maidstone Rd on the far side of the village was flooded when he drove past this morning and there were diggers etc busily at work. 

How Embarrassing

The party leaders are in a cleft stick. If they do nothing in response to the latest polls they'll be called complacent and if they all hare off to Scotland (which is what they've chosen to do) they'll be accused of panicking.

Mind you, both accusations would be just. So serve them right.

Up until a few days ago no-one in the British political establishment was taking the referendum seriously. According to reports in this morning's papers the Civil Service has no contingency plans for dealing with the many administrative issues that will arise if Scotland goes it alone. The civil servants say their politicial bosses told them not to bother.