September 9th, 2014



Ailz has read that there's a shortage of wasps this year.

That'll be because they've all moved to Matfield.

My mother's bedroom has sliding windows and that's where they congregate to die. I've been levering them out of the tracks with a paintbrush.


I've begun to clear out the cupboards in the lobby. They're where my father's toys went to die. I found a tape recorder, a couple of cameras, a heat lamp, a portable wine press...  

I'm always hoping to stumble across treasure. I didn't find the map telling me where the gold was buried but I did find a quarter full bottle of Laphroaig. It was ten years old when my father bought it and now it's over 20.

You know what, I think I'll have a wee dram before I toddle up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire.