September 3rd, 2014


Flying In The Face Of Reason

Who's to say we'll still need another London airport by the time we actually get round to building one?

(Thank goodness, by the way, that the big, flat foot of commonsense has come down on Mayor Johnson's Ozymandian plan to fill the Thames estuary with planes.)

Because, I mean,  so much could change.

For example:

1. Rising oil prices could knock the bottom out of the industry.

2. People might finally wake up to the fact that they don't all have to be in the same place physically to have a conference or a business meeting.

3. Someone might invent a passenger aircraft that can take off vertically.

4. Or a flying saucer.

5. There might just be a cutural revulsion against flying- with all its inconvenience and unpleasantness.

6. London might cease to be the fly-to destination of choice.

And so on.

It often puzzles me how little change there has been in the aviation industry. The great metal birds that cleave our skies are still built to much the same design as they were when I was a boy. Concorde came and went. I do believe a paradigm shift is due.