August 26th, 2014


Eck And Alastair

Alastair: So what money are you going to use?

Eck:       It's nae problem.

Alastair: But what money are you going to use?

Eck:       Is that all you've got to say?

And so on and on for 90 minutes. Much of the time they talked over one another. My attention wandered and I'm afraid I bailed out before the end. If either of them said anything inspirational I missed it.

Conclusion: Nationalism is a busted flush. If either of them had started warbling about flags and Burns and bonnie braes they'd have been laughed off stage. And what is left of nationalism if you take away the romance? Nothing but a squabble about where to site the parliament building and where the money's going to come from. If I were a Scot I might conclude there was some virtue in being ruled by shits in Edinburgh rather than shits in London- but I don't think I'd care very much either way.

My Mother

My mother has taken to handing the paper across the kitchen table and asking me to explain stories to her. I take this as an indication that she can no longer read normal newsprint.

If this is the case then her eyesight has deteriorated quite a bit in the past few weeks.

However- living as she does in an eternal present- I don't believe she realises there's been a change.

We're taking her this afternoon to the eye clinic at Maidstone hospital. Perhaps they can clarify matters. The treatment they're giving her is supposed to halt macular degeneration. I doubt that it's working. I fear it may even be making things worse.

Another thing: she used to be picky about the TV she watched. Now she's happy to spend the afternoon watching- or dozing through- quiz shows.

But sometimes she surprises us. Yesterday she asked us about the pronunciation of the word "sloth" because she reckoned the presenter had mispronounced in a programme she'd watched the day before.