August 23rd, 2014


As Autumn Approaches

This year spring came early, summer came early and now autumn is coming early too. The plums have all ripened and either rotted on the tree or been eaten. I was picking the first apples three weeks ago. The trees are turning. This morning- though the sun was shining- there was a quite unsummery hint of frost in the air.

Dead wasps have been accumulating in a corner of my mother's bedroom. I swept them up and wondered how they were getting in. "Didn't the carer tell you?" my sister asked. It turns out there's a nest in one of the built-in cupboards. Ah. Well, that's easily dealt with. Pump in the "Raid" and seal up the door with duck tape.

Ailz and I were both feeling jaundiced yesterday (our day off) so we ventured no further than Tunbridge Wells. Just being out of the house revived us- because it's enervating to be cooped up with a very old person all the time and having to conform to their pace and their routines. We parked up at the cheaper end of town- where the geek shops and the junk shops and the electric cigarette shops are; also the mosque; and had lunch in a cafe run by Eastern Europeans. We went through the charity shops- and I bought a couple of books and a couple of CDs and an early 19th century engraving of Maidstone gaol. I seem to be starting a collection of old topographical prints; no-one else wants them and they can be had for a song.