August 16th, 2014


That Was Easy

It would appear that we've sold the house.

Sam next door has made us an offer and we've accepted it.  I'm happy about this. Sam always has been my favourite neighbour.

The sum we've agreed on is in line with the surveyor's estimate. It's not a lot of money, but it's very much more than I paid for the house back in the '80s- over four times as much, in fact. 

So Much Stuff

Joe was here with Aria this morning. Aria has just begun to walk.

I said, "You can help yourself to anything except the Rowlandsons." And he said, "Bother," because the Rowlandsons are a set of plates from The English Dance of Death- in which skeletons cavort with typical members of early 19th century society- and they're very cool. In the event he took a couple of my watercolours, the 19th century clock I was given for my 21st birthday, a bound set of Man Myth and Magic from the 1970s and a North African dagger.

After Joe and Aria left Ailz and I took another boot full of things- including a wheelchair, a zimmer-frame and lots of kitchenalia- to the charity shop.