August 9th, 2014


Moving On

I was lying in the bath this morning mentally disposing of the contents of our house in Oldham.

(We're going to sell it. Have I mentioned this before? I forget. Well, we are.)

These things I will give away, these I will take to the tip, these I may even try to sell.

What a lot of stuff we have.

I remembered this morning that I have a big pile of paper journals dating from the 70s to the 90s. I'd like to put them on the bonfire, but I get indignant when other people destroy the records of their past so I probably won't.

We're agreed that when we're up in Oldham this coming week we'll try and arrange to have The British Heart Foundation come and take a load of furniture off our hands.

Ailz cancelled our contract with BT last week- so we no longer have a land line. How very contemporary we are.