August 5th, 2014


Thank You For That, Sayeeda

Well of course David Cameron can't condemn Israel's bombing of civilian targets in Gaza as criminal because Israel is an ally and allies don't commit crimes.

Besides, just think of the ripples there'd be if he chose to throw that rock into the pond. If Israel is committing a crime then what about America's use of drones to kill people it doesn't like (along with their families, friends and neighbours) and Britain and America's long and promiscuous history of bombing cities from Dresden to Hiroshima to Belgrade to Tripoli? No, he'd be mad to go there.

All the same, it is a crime, isn't it- and so are all those other instances. And thank you,  Sayeeda Warsi,  for disassociating yourself from a government that refuses to say so. If only more ministers were prepared to resign over matters of principle!