August 3rd, 2014



I was angry about our plans for next week being thwarted so I cleared out the garage and cleared out the cupboard in our bedroom and had a very large bonfire.

John Hurd says "anger is weakness". He was talking about acting- and how he's not impressed by shouty performances- but I think the remark has wider application. Anger is the last ditch- an unconscious confession that there's nothing else to fall back on. 

I'm A Statesman, You're A Politician, He/She Is A Populist Demagogue

One politician scores a point off his adversary.

The adversary has no real comeback so accuses the other of "playing politics".


They're both of them politicians. Playing politics is what they do morning, noon and night; it's their profession. It's what they're paid to do...

How is it any kind of a put down to accuse a person of doing their job- especially when it's your job too?

Maybe the other guy should say, "Of course I'm playing politics. And proud of it. Politics is a noble profession or hadn't you noticed?"

Well, it would make a change. It's not good news for a democracy when even politicians profess a scorn for what they do.