July 21st, 2014


Cross Stitch

"Why are you taking my picture? I'm not photogenic."

" I'm trying to give people a picture of life as we live it down here on the farm"

"What you mean is you've run out of things to write about."

"Well, there's not a lot happening right now, is there."


So this is Ailz sitting on the patio working at her cross stitch. In the next picture we can see the pattern she's working on; it's called "Proton" and it comes from StitchX Designs. It features 122 different colours and sometimes she says she'd like to kick me for choosing it.

101_5478 (2)

"And now" says Ailz, "Go and take some pictures of yourself in the mirror- the way you're always doing..."

She thinks I'm vain, you see. And that's so unfair. It's just that selfies and mirror shots allow you to experiment. Push the camera to its limits, sort of thing....