June 16th, 2014



I took the gamble that no predator would come that close to the house in daytime- and left the rabbits unattended- and a fox came by and ate them....

This morning I'm thinking of all the things I ever did wrong in my lifetime. Believe me, it's quite a list.


Rabbits are nature's fast food. Everything with a taste for meat- and big enough to take them on- treats them as prey. 95% of all kits never make adulthood. I learned that from Springwatch. Also on Springwatch I saw graphic footage of kits being killed by a magpie. A magpie, I ask you!

Call it the Great Chain of Being. Call it an Ecosystem.

All that energy- bubbling up from wherever it comes from - passing from life-form to life-form by way of predation. Sounds meaningful when you put it like that.

Another Link In The Chain

There's a dead fox on the road- freshly killed- just past the entrance to our drive. I wonder if this was the one?

Could be.

Now lots of smaller things will eat it and get the benefit...

Pass the energy along...