June 14th, 2014


Return To Margate

At the very limit of sight is the offshore wind farm. It hovers out there in a strip of yellow cloud- which is probably an optical illusion. Some people say it ruins the view. How can they say that of something you have to strain to see- that is almost not there- that makes you think of a faery city?

Thanet is a wedge sticking out into the Channel. Like a chisel or a doorstop. Margate is just short of the point beyond which you can go no further- unless you have a boat, of course.  We walked to the end of the stone pier yesterday afternoon. Water on three sides and walls you could trip over. It made me feel giddy- even though I was standing well back.


Margate from Westgate-on-sea


Margate from the Stone Pier. The Turner Contemporary is the boxy building on the far left.

Shell Lady


"Mrs Booth" is a bronze statue by Ann Carrington, modelled after the shell ladies you used to be able to buy in seaside gift shops. She stands at the end of Margate's Stone Pier.  The original Mrs Booth was the lover (and landlady) of the painter J.M.W. Turner.  

New Project

A new project: to catch up with what's been going on in music since I stopped paying attention. I'm buying CDs in charity shops so the sampling is a bit random. Yesterday we drove to Margate listening to Kasabian and drove back listening to Franz Ferdinand.