May 15th, 2014



Poor old UKIP. What a bunch of clowns, eh? Custard pies to the left of 'em, buckets of whitewash to the right of 'em. Every day brings fresh humiliation- a mis-speaking candidate there, a disillusioned youth leader there.

But they're still going to give the other three parties a pasting in the European elections.



1. There are still a lot of votes in beer and beef and booting those bloody foreigners up the arse.  It's a pity, but there it is.

2. All that fumbling and bumbling is sort of attractive because it's human- and most of our politicians have had the humanity leached out of them for fear of causing offence. No other big-time politician laughs the way Nigel Farage laughs- with abandon, showing his teeth and tonsils; they just wouldn't dare.