May 14th, 2014


Living Close To Nature

A baby rabbit came lolloping into the living-room last night, caused a commotion then ran and hid.

Half an hour later it did the same again, only this time I tracked it down, chased it into the lobby and persuaded it out though the front door. 

Leaving The Nest

The baby blue tits have left the nest.

Matthew spotted them this morning, peeking out from a chink in the eaves.

After lunch they dropped down onto the patio. Three of them. Clumsy little balls of fluff.

One of them flapped away at the glass screen, then found the door and flew off into the garden. The other two hid in the creeper and slowly climbed through it to the top of the garage wall. The second flew, but the third hung back. A parent visited twice and fed the lingerer but- catching sight of me- gave a shout as if to say, "Sorry kid, you're on your own now" and took off.

Number three continued to bumble around in the creeper, calling for the parent who wasn't coming back.  Once or twice it missed its footing and hung there, clutching a leaf or tendril, beating its wings like a moth. Eventually it clambered onto the roof, hopped three quarters of the way up and sat down.  It looked round; it looked up at the sky; it shook its wings; it sat some more. Then it shuffled round and-  launching itself outwards- made a faltering but successful flight into the nearest rose bush...