May 8th, 2014


No Resemblance To Any Person Living Or Dead

She's doing her dream job but she's not very good at it. One of my mother's horses was the best that ever passed through her stables- It actually won races- so when it got hurt she fed it some extra special feed to make it fit to run in its next race and got fined £1,000 for doping.  If her life were a Hollywood movie my mother's one remaining horse- the one that falls over fences- will suddenly develop an unsuspected talent and win the Grand National....

I try to like her because my mother does but I find her obsequious. She makes me think of wilted lettuce.

Following On From Earlier Posts

My butterfly and wildflower books have arrived. They're pocket sized so into a pocket they went.  I didn't see any butterflies this afternoon but I checked on the wildflowers. The purple clumpy stuff is bugle, the white stuff that likes boggy ground is cuckoo flower or ladies smock. A little pinky thing I could only find one example of is herb robert.

The SKY engineer could find no fault with the box but has replaced the dish. He confided- ha!- that he uses a freeview box himself.