May 7th, 2014


A Growing Family

There are blue tits flying between the hanging feeder and their nest in the eaves. The distance can't be more than 30 feet and they make the round trip in about a minute. They never seem to stop.  Stand in the right place and you can hear the babies going, "Me, me, me, me, me!"

New For Old

My mother's TV stopped talking to her yesterday. We saw our chance and got straight on to the people she rents from and ordered a replacement. She's had this one for ten years at least- since before my father died- and has always resisted making the change- in spite of needing a bigger screen- - but she can't argue against the thing no longer working.

She pays £25 a month to rent a set- and will have paid out the market price on this one several times over. She'll now be getting a LCD for the same price.  She's been hanging on because she hates change. Perhaps she doesn't want to hurt the old set's feelings. I mention this because that's the way I think.  Perhaps it's inherited.

Afterwards we poked around some more and found the TV was fine- and the thing at fault was the SKY Box- but we're not rescinding the order.