May 6th, 2014


A Mid Morning Stroll

It's a changeable morning with clouds blowing over from the south west. Now I'm in sun, now I'm in shade, now I'm in sun again. The hawthorn in the hedgerow is a week or more ahead of the roadside ones we saw yesterday,  its blossoms pinking up and drying out. The chestnuts are in full flower. Every day there are more and more wild-flowers: compact clumpy purple ones and white ones that stick to the boggy patches and yellow ones on long stalks that I'm almost sure are kingcups. Note to self: buy book on British wildflowers. A butterfly flickers past; It has white wings with orange tips. Note to self: buy book on British butterflies. If I stand at the top of the lower field I've an uninterrupted view stretching ten miles or possibly fifteen to the North Downs.