May 4th, 2014



We're a sleepy household.

My mother spends the afternoon and evening in her armchair, dozing intermittently.

Ailz goes to bed at 6.00 pm or thereabouts.

I take an afternoon nap. Yesterday I took two: one in my deckchair as normal, a second lying on the tussocky grass at the top of the upper field with my head in a mole hill.


Now that Max Clifford has fallen from grace those who dealt with him- Kelvin McKenzie on Question Time for example- feel free to tell us what a slimeball he is. Odd how they sat on that information until now!

Same thing happened with Jimmy Savile. One day he was the friend of princes and a national treasure (biggest funeral since Princess Di's); next day everyone had always known he was a nasty piece of work.

You wonder how Max and Jimmy ever got to be so feared and feted. Unlovely characters, both of them. Pure bluff I suppose. Act like the cock 'o the walk and people'll treat you as such.