April 29th, 2014


Whodunnit And How?

I found a dead mouse in the rabbits' shed yesterday. It was lying out in the open, with no mark on it that I could see. I suppose the rabbits must have killed it, though I'm not sure how. A kick from those powerful hind legs perhaps?

Placebo Effect?

Remember how Aileen sent her mother an admonitory email and it had such a salutary effect on their relationship? Well, we've just found out she never got it.

Two Reasons To Be Cheerful And One Not To Be

!, I finally got to hear the cuckoo. It was travelling roughly east to west, singing as it flew.

2, The One Show showed a tribute to Ken Russell fronted by one of his daughters. Apparently he was a great dad.

3. The BNP's election broadcast was censored. Every time the man said something uncomplimentary about Islam they beeped him out. I yield to no one in my dislike of the Boneheaded Nazi Party but party politicals should be sacrosanct.  People in a democracy have a right to know what the people who are soliciting their vote are saying- no matter how ugly. Besides, shutting people up only wins them sympathy.