April 8th, 2014


A Lazy Week (I Hope) But Not That Lazy

When I'm in Kent I jump into the bath at 7.15 with a view to getting dressed, feeding the rabbits and birds, putting out the breakfast things and getting my mother out of bed at 8.00. Here I do none of those things.

Of course I'm waking up in time to do them....

Yesterday evening we watched a preview of the TV documentary Alice was involved in two years back. It's called She's Having a Baby and it's one of a set of four. Alice is paired and contrasted- as a "New Age author"- with a girl who's all Jimmy Choos and Prada. Alice is planning a natural birth and and the Jimmy Choo woman wants a baby girl she can treat as a dress-up doll. Alice, of course, has a horrible delivery that lasts for days and the Jimmy Choo woman has a boy. And the moral of the story (which the makers of the film can't have known when they started out) is "You can't always get what you want but it's all good." The characters are caricatured- but not cruelly- and Alice and James are recognizably themselves. I understand the series is going out on Sky Living this summer.

Ailz has a doctor's appointment this morning and I have a dentist's appointment tomorrow. These are the reasons we came back at this particular time. Also we have people we want to see.