March 31st, 2014


The Group Mind

I have over 200 LJ friends but only a small fraction ever do anything. I had a wee clear out yesterday, but only of people who had defriended me or never friended me back. One of them friended me by return and I reinstated him/her- so that was a good outcome.

I notice this morning that other people have been doing the same thing. The group mind in action, I suppose.

The Bright Lights Fade

My mother's carer is back from a weekend in London. She was telling us the prices. £88 for a ticket to The Lion King.  £95 to buy snacks and diet cokes for five people in Covent Garden. I haven't been to London for years now. Less and less am I tempted. I think agoraphobia comes into it too. Mild agoraphobia. All those people, all that traffic.

When my sister was 4 she "composed" a song (different lyrics at every rendition- different tune too) which began "Too old to go To London".

That's me now- too old to go to London. Also too poor