January 26th, 2014


Sudden Storm

I believe it was worse elsewhere. We got five to ten minutes of high wind and driving rain. A corrugated iron sheet that was resting on top of the rabbit shed blew over a nearby hedge.  As soon as it was over the sky cleared and the stars came out.

I'll walk round the property later today and pick up the broken branches. 

Cold Turkey

My mother seems no worse for having her codeine withdrawn. This morning's carer is very voluble. As she was taking her leave my mother winked at me. That's a first.

I'm taking myself off codeine too. I've been on up to eight tablets a day.  The first day was fine. Last night I mostly slept but it hurt when I woke. I've been sweating more than usual. This morning I ache all over.

So this is what my body fees like in its natural state...

Working Through The Pain

Work is a wonderful anaesthetic. I went for a walk round the fields and hauled some branches about and the pains- which were considerable- more or less disappeared. I made me understand how before there was modern medicine people used to get by on a regime of working and working and drinking and drinking and then falling into bed at the end of the day. Arthritis and rheumatics and all those diseases of advancing age can be toughed out.

I thought we'd got through last night's storm without major damage but I went to the bottom of the lower field- not visible from the house- and found that a neighbour's tree which was right up against the fence had come crashing onto our land, falling into the gully down which the streamlet flows. Matthew said it would be the next to go and he was right.