January 12th, 2014


A Change Of Scene

My mother's house is over-warm; this house is under-warm. I've got a portable heater plugged in next to my desk

Ailz is over at her mother's.

The rooms we use- the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom- are full of stuff- most of it stuff in bags we've brought up from Kent. It looks like we're squatting. Neither of us have much of an instinct for tidiness.

I like being able to wash my hair in the shower. At my mothers I have to lean over the bath or wash-basin and pour water over myself from a measuring jug.

Scandal At The Met

If the only people we recruited to the police were austere philosophical types with a passion for justice we might have a force that was everything we could wish it to be.

As it is, like any other profession, the police service has to take what it gets. And the nature of the work is such that a lot of bullies, a lot of racists, a lot of right wing authoritarians will be drawn to it and want to get stuck in. Also- as someone said on some thread I was reading- you work in the gutter you get tainted by it.  Also there's the thing they call canteen culture- cynical, mucky, intensely tribal.

I suppose what I'm saying is, "What can you expect?"