December 27th, 2013


Not Watching Harry Potter

The penultimate Harry Potter movie had its terrestrial premiere last night. I'd liked to have watched it but I didn't think I could ask my mother to sit through two to three hours worth of something she wouldn't understand. She has no tolerance for any kind of fiction on TV- unless it's Dad's Army. This isn't just an old age thing. She always used to sleep through the programmes my father and I enjoyed- the ones with spies and detectives in them- wake up as the credits were rolling, ask us what had happened then complain it wasn't fair when we wouldn't tell her.

Building Castles But Not In Spain

The ground is saturated and can't take any more so when it rains- as it did last night and again this afternoon- the water pools and rivulets around the house. If you tread on the grass- any grass- it goes squelch.

I built a castle today. It came from one of the charity shops as a kind of flat pack- only without instructions. All I had to guide me was my memory of how it had looked in the shop before the assistants took it apart for ease of transport. I thought it was going to defeat me but I got one tower right and then the rest followed. When we go back home I'm going to give it to Fabrizio and Christa.