November 30th, 2013


Assisting The Police With Their Enquiries

On a leafy path by the river a couple of cops were questioning a group of young adults about theft from a shop. The chief suspect- a very thin man with big sad eyes- was acting innocent and uncomprehending. As we went past one of his camp follower's said, "I told him not to do it."

Down With Disney

I wanted a rag doll- like Granny used to make- but the big toy store didn't have any. What it mostly had was merchandise from the entertainment giants- and I try not  to buy that stuff. I want kids to have toys that stimulate the imagination, not toys that slip them into a ready-made fantasy world. A rag doll is its own thing. It comes without a back-story and its owner has to invent a voice for it, invent its character and adventures.  A Disney Princess, on the other hand- or a Star Wars play set-  arrives with all that character and world building already done. It puts the imagination to sleep.

The entertainment giants (meaning Disney mainly) have colonized the culture of childhood. They are turning our children into clients, consumers, fans...