November 29th, 2013


The Big Secret

The Telegraph (I'm assuming it's in on the secret) slipped up there. Or was it whistle-blowing?   Either way, if it hadn't printed pictures of Nigella Lawson and the Duchess of Cambridge on successive front pages I might not have noticed the resemblance between the two women. And if I hadn't noticed the resemblance I wouldn't have realized- oh, I was a fool not to work it out earlier- that they are in fact the same person- a single actor doubling up on roles.

One loose thread and the whole fabric unravels. Because- obviously-  if Nigella and Kate are being played by an actor them everyone else in public life must be an actor too. Think about it. Were you ever really taken in by Prince Charles? By Boris Johnson? By William Hague? These are broad brush creations- triumphs of dramaturgy, but nothing at all like real people. Then consider it from the point of view of the mandarins who really run our society and see how it all makes sense. You need there to be celebs to create a smokescreen for your exercise of power, but why go to the expense of a genuine royal family when you can hire a bunch of thesps? And why allow a pack of airheads to set the news agenda- with all the uncertainty that involves- when you can summon a bunch of needy players to your shadowy Whitehall office every morning and issue them with scripts?