November 3rd, 2013


Perfect Day

I've had Perfect Day going round and round in my head for days.

Usually when I get a song stuck on perpetual replay I want to dislodge it, but Perfect Day is such a good song.

I told Ailz. She said she had it stuck in her head too. And then she told me a story about some bishop or other arranging for it to be sung in his cathedral and finding out afterwards it was all about drugs. But is it all about drugs? I don't know. I think one of its strengths is that it can't be pinned down. One can read all sorts into it.  The first impression is that it's all warm and happy- with a gorgeous melody- like something by Paul McCartney- and then one notices the undertow of menace. It's the song of a lifetime. You don't (normally) get to write something this good twice.

I told my mother. She said she'd never heard of Lou Reed.