September 25th, 2013


Down With The Kids

"The kids don't watch television either," says Ailz

It's something she read in The Mail. The BBC is cutting back on childrens' programmes  and putting the money into games and websites (and severance pay for senior executives). They're doing this because they're not getting the viewers any more.

It's nice to be in tune with the younger generation.

Buried Treasure

My mother has two fields- several acres of Wealden hillside with a fence down the middle. In past years they've held sheep but there aren't any there at the moment. Just rabbits. I was thinking this afternoon how I'd like to go over them with a metal detector and find all the hoards of Roman coins and Viking hack silber that are bound to be buried there. There's a marshy area with a stream coming off it (in rainy weather) which has to have been a sacred spring in ancient times.Think of all the offerings that are buried there. Think too of all the medieval churchmen who must have ridden across our land carelessly dropping rings and bits of crozier...

Debenhams sells a metal detector for under £30- but it can't be any good, can it? The regular ones seem to start at about £500.