August 28th, 2013


Killing Fields

We had the pest controller round again. He'd warned us there'd be more wasps along shortly. This time he had three nests to destroy- two under the eaves and one in the raspberry patch.

Ailz asked him if he'd ever been stung. He said, Only twice- and both times last week when he was out driving in his car.

The chap who owns the next field- or his son or whoever- makes a lot of banging noises. I picture him strolling around his property with a small bore rifle- shooting birds or rabbits.  If I live here long enough I'll learn not to flinch. 

Just Big Birds, Really

The dinosaur woman in Montana was cutting up ostriches. They're as close as you can get these days to a T Rex.

I've been trying to picture the T Rex with feathers. I don't think there's absolute proof it had them but the likelihood mounts. Those funny, stunted, little T Rex fore-arms- what if they were actually wings?  I can imagine them with plumage attached, for display.

The more we learn about dinosaurs  the less monstrous they seem. The dinosaur woman's mentor- top man in his field- said he thought of the T Rex as a sort of a vulture.