July 13th, 2013


Rural Pursuits

My mother said there weren't any red or black currants this year but I foraged among the bushes and picked enough for a couple of meals. We stewed them and ate them with cream/ice cream.

Yesterday afternoon we went looking for a bookcase to house all the books we're buying from charity shops. We found an antique shop that was selling heavy duty late Victorian clobber for three figure sums and a Scandi-style furniture store that was having a sale but could offer nothing suitable for less than £80. I was thinking of a ceiling of £20. This is an affluent area- and we were naive to think we'd find anything to fit our budget in the nearby villages. Now we're going to try Freecycle. If the piece we source is a bit battered Ailz- who has done a mental inventory- tells me the garage is full of oils and paints and varnishes left behind by my father.

Today is the day of the village fete. Jenny has accompanied my mother in former years and tells me I'll meet lots of horsey people in gum boots.  My mother says parking will be a problem.

The Village Flower Show

The hottest day of the year. We went into a marquee which was even hotter- and looked at plates of potatoes and bunches of flowers and displays of childrens art and things like that. I was pushing my mother in the wheelchair and she was taking an interest. I tried to take an interest too (honest) but my persona wasn't having it.

Coming home we encountered Lee standing by an open-topped vintage car which if I cared about cars I'd have envied. She'd been to the flower show earlier. "Wasn't it wonderful!" she said.  I let my mother answer. If I'd have been compelled to answer I might have said, "Compared to what?"