July 11th, 2013


Adjusting. Not

Ailz was complimenting me on how well I was adjusting to life in Kent and then- yesterday-  the existential angst came sweeping back in. I'm not sure why. I think it had something to do with the broadband connection being so slow I couldn't access LJ. On such small things do our moods depend.

Also Ailz and I had to go and do the week's shopping. In the past my mother has made tut-tutting noises about how much we've spent- and I was dreading her doing it again. In the event she was sweetly complimentary about our efforts- but the damage has already been done.

Then there were some plants to be watered. I'd have happily gone and done it myself- but my mother wanted to be part of the action- and so I wheeled her down the drive and she was bossing me about. She has a way of saying, "What are you doing?" that Dame Edith Evans would have envied.

By evening I was ready to snap at the least little thing.

Anyone Know Anything?

If anyone out there knows who ingenious76 is in IRL they might want to check up on her. She's just made a post that could be an expression of pique or might just be something serious..

PS. It wasn't a suicide note just a strop. She's followed it up with a "why me?" post .

Of Moles And The Moleman

The moleman came and killed a mole for us. He said he thought there'd be others out there and he was right. My mother- who grudges paying him the asking rate for what he's already done- thinks he should come back and kill the others for free. Her views on labour relations are straight out of the 1930s (when she was a daughter of the big house and people in cloth caps knew how to show respect).

I like the moleman in spite of his sanguinary trade. He's a Geordie. He and I were comparing haircuts. When my mother was trying to screw him out of his wages he turned to me and said -not so sotto voce- "She always bloody does this to me."

This morning I filled three buckets- and could fill more- with soil from the molehills. It'll be good for using with pot plants. I also found some archaeology...

archaeolgy 001