June 28th, 2013


Edited Highlights

It's raining. Going out to the car just now I had to step over a pretty little snail that was heading for the flowerbed. The forecasters suggest we may have seen the best of the summer.

Dot asks how long we'll be commuting between Kent and Manchester. Silly question. How can we possibly know? She also asks if I think of living at my mother's as "going home". Answer, "No". Ailz is the one who really likes it down there. Two reasons: First the weather agrees with her better. Second it gets her away from Dot.

I'm doing the test for bowel cancer that the government posts out to us older folk. It involves playing with shit and I've been putting it off for weeks because I'm fastidious. Ailz got really tough with me yesterday and I buckled.

I'm going to have to rethink the back yard. I planted the flowerbed with grass for the rabbits to eat and now they're no longer here. They used to keep it nibbled to the ground and now it's flourishing.  It must love this rain.

From Beyond The Grave

Something was making a mysterious banging noise in Dot's bungalow.

She told Ailz, "That'll be your father protesting at you going down to Kent and leaving me."

She later found she'd left a window open.