June 27th, 2013


Top Journals

So now our journals are being rated in terms of topness. Mine started at 310 yesterday (or was it the day before?) and has been on the slide ever since. It currently stands at 331. 

A Beginning And Other Stories: Walter de la Mare

Published in 1955- the year before his death- A Beginning is a sweeping together of the uncollected stories- written over a period of at least half a century- that de la Mare thought worth preserving. He tells us, teasingly, that one of them was written while Victoria was still on the throne. I think I've spotted it; it's the one that's least ambiguous.

De la Mare's fiction occupies a space between Henry James and surrealism. Sometimes he's closer to one, sometimes to the other.  Worlds of rural and suburban gentility are infiltrated by the numinous, the demonic, the unclassifiably odd.  As in Saki, as in Wodehouse, there are lots of aunts.