June 16th, 2013



We had planned to go to Canterbury but- having stopped for lunch at Chilham- which was lovely and quiet- we thought,"Lets not go where the tourists are"- so we turned left into the hills and drove by narrow, unimportant roads though orchards and vineyards and tiny villages to Faversham.

I've never loved Canterbury, but I've always loved Faversham. I don't know why. Perhaps it's because no-one ever told me Faversham was beautiful- and I got to find out for myself.

Court Street which turns into Abbey Street is one of the prettiest streets in England. Here's Arden's House- where the murder was committed which inspired the first social realist play in English literature.

Arden's House, Faversham

St Mary of Charity is an ugly church with wonderful things inside- like this pillar with its medieval paintings still largely intact and their colours unfaded.

Painted pillar, St Mary of Charity, Faversham

I walked around the churchyard taking pictures of gravestones. I particularly like this one- which I remember from my first visit 40 years ago. I photographed it then as well. Photographing it again felt a little weird- as though I were crossing my own time line.

18th c. gravestone, Faversham

Two Blond Yorkshiremen

I'm alternating Alan Bennett's occasional writings with Christopher Sykes's biography of David Hockney and- while I'm not getting Bennett and Hockney themselves mixed up- Hockney's a party girl and Bennett's more slippers and coacao- I'm having difficulty remembering which set of parents belongs to which.