June 10th, 2013



I'm not surprised. When did any Government- on ethical or legal grounds- refuse to use the powers available to it? The American- and British- governments thought they could get away with rifling through our private correspondence so they did. Governments- all governments- are paranoid and amoral.

If America were the Frank Capra movie it likes to think it is the whistle-blower would be riding in a motorcade through showers of ticker-tape. As it is, he's seeking political asylum in Hong Kong.

Birds And Buns

The run of fine weather came to an end yesterday. While it lasted the birds kept off the lawn- presumably because the worms and bugs were staying underground. Now they're back.  Among them is a spotted woodpecker.

Last night I watched four baby rabbits bouncing around in the back garden. This morning there were five. They like to congregate under the sun dial.