June 1st, 2013


The Time Traveller's Guide To Elizabethan England

Ian Mortimer's Elizabethan England is all plague, famine, crime, cruelty, religious intolerance, misogyny and child abuse. I tumbled to what he was doing when he represented the however-many it-was compulsory saints days as something imposed on a groaning populace by the lordly church without mentioning that they also served as jolly holidays.  If you cherry-pick your facts and relentlessly accentuate the negative you can make any society seem hellish-  and that includes our own (God save you) even though we do possess the flush toilets and electric lights the Elizabethans suffered without.

Ongoing Care

In a case like my mother's Social Services provide care for a period of three weeks on the understanding that the family use the time to get their house in order and make long-term arrangements of their own. Our three weeks is now up. We could have employed a commercial agency to come in and help but we've decided to fly solo. My mother needs somebody living in- to do the cooking and household chores etc and oversee her movement around the house- but she can manage most of her personal care herself (though shoes and socks are a problem). It's now 9.30. She's up, she's washed and dressed and all without crisis or any undue effort. If in the future we need to call in the professionals we know where to go.

It looks as if (fingers crossed) we've got this one sorted.