May 28th, 2013



For "Henley in RDEN" (see last post) read Henley in Arden- a very pretty market town in Warwickshire which looks a bit like this...

henley in arden

Ailz And The Rabbits

rabbit's new home

Here's Ailz sitting in the rabbits' roomy new shed.

If the rabbits hop through the door- just out of picture to the left- there's an expanse of grass which is mostly enclosed and will be fully enclosed when we get round to it.

Dream Rushes

I'm waking up and I really don't want to. The dream I'm coming out of is full of colour and feeling and meaning- all of which I see swirling away from me- out of reach. The essence of the experience is grander than my workaday brain can handle and will soon be unrecoverable;  all I can do is make a determined effort to hold onto an image or two to act as mementoes. I have asked for initiation... my training is going rather well... I feel light-hearted and boyish... I use my newly developed magical powers to create a mountain of porridge- rather more than I wanted. One of my companions shows me how it should be done by creating a witch's cottage made of sweetmeats, with a grotesque face- borrowed from Matthias Grunewald- tucked under the chimney stack. The magus whose pupil I've become is the gruffest and most formidable of the dealers off Channel 4's Four Rooms...

Encounter in Tesco

We were in the Pembury Tesco this afternoon. Ailz was joking with a pleasant-looking old gentleman about not wanting to run him over with her mobility scooter. "Just as well," he said. "The last time someone ran me over I shot him."

Turns out he used to be a South African policeman.