May 25th, 2013


Going Soon

It's May. One shouldn't be shivering when one goes to bed.

Ivy is almost walking. She has lots of words. She pointed at a picture of Ian Brown and said, "Daddy." Alice says they'll all come down to visit us in Kent next month

I hung Dot's new curtains for her. They're lighter and cheerier than the old ones. It goes without saying that she doesn't want us moving.

We filled bag after bag after bag. I'm not sure we're going to get them all in the car. The rabbits and their gear will fill most of the back seat.

I got up early. The field mice were still stirring in the shed where I keep the bird seed.

Goodbye, mice!

"Change is good for the soul." That's something my father used to say. Yes, dear ghost, but it hurts.