May 24th, 2013


In Transit

We came home when we did- only a fortnight after first going down- because yesterday was the anniversary of Eric's death and Ailz felt morally obliged to sit in vigil with her mother.

That's why I went into Manchester by myself to meet Keith. I rode the buses for free because I'm over 60 and have an old person's travel card. I don't use it often but whenever I do it fills me with glee.

May last year was beautiful. May this year is rainy and squally with brief sunny spells. Yesterday, just before I left for town, we had a hail storm.

We return to Kent tomorrow- carrying lots of things we like- including the rabbits. We've been taking steps to ensure we'll have Internet access down there. Who knows, we may even persuade my mother to go on line. I feel sure she'd like it if she tried.

All this shuttling between Kent and Manchester is a bit disorientating. I woke up several times in the night wondering whether I was here or there.