May 8th, 2013


Kids Deserve Better

Yesterday afternoon I sat with Zhayam next door while his mother attended a funeral. We watched superhero cartoons, generously interspersed with ads for plastic toys.  I don't know what Channel this was-  Disney perhaps. Some of the superheroes were out of the Marvel stable.

The animation was as basic as it gets- nothing moved unless it absolutely had to- and the stories were all the same story- told without charm.  Bad guy does or plans something bad- like kidnapping an heiress. Heroes with necks wider than their heads challenge bad guy. Bad guy gains advantage. Thick-necked hero bounces back through use of super-power or handy gadget or the timely arrival of thick-necked reinforcements.

Apparently writers are paid to extrude this drool. I saw their names. If I were one of them I'd use an alias.

Objects Of Desire

I dreamed I was in a secondhand bookshop fixing to buy a copper or brass firescreen embossed with an image of George VI plus the collection of stuffed meerkats that went with it.